Jims Hed shot     Born in 1946 in Philadelphia, Jim MacQueen grew up in Coshocton and graduated from The Ohio State University with degrees in photography and journalism. He has worked for the Columbus Dispatch, AutoWeek, Racecar Magazine, Motor Trend, Road & Track, Autosport, Babcox Publications and several other magazines and newsletters on a freelance basis. Currently, he is Editor and Publisher of Great Lakes Wines online magazine, and a professional blogger. A more extended biography follows below.

This post is pinned to give first-time readers some background, and to direct you to current projects, of which there are many. Great Lakes Wines Magazine is on a temporary hiatus while these blogs are being developed. However, Jim is in the process of writing a novel entitled “The Wasters”, and is working on a project to photograph and briefly record facts about all 88 county courthouses in Ohio. This later project will result in a blog, noted below, a web site, and a printed book.

At the same time, Jim’s travels allow him to deal with several other blogging projects, and here is the current list:

Auto Racing In Ohio (Roaring Ohio): Visits to the many auto racing tracks in the Buckeye state, including some reminiscences about Jim’s days covering professional auto racing, and his years as public relations director for Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.  Click here to read about everything from dirt trackin’ to drag strips:


Driving Ohio’s Best Road (The Scenic Route): Great drives for good drivers. Roads that are fun if driven quickly but safely, with good food, good sights, neat attractions, and other reasons to get behind the wheel. Performance cars a must!

Great Ohio Accommodations (Buckeye Pillow Talk): Ohio is home to wonderful bed and breakfast establishments, historic inns, and boutique hotels of all ages and types. If you’re going to travel, you might as well take an extra day or two, and avail yourself of the opportunity to be pampered.

Ohio Restaurants & Wines Reviewed (The Midwest Menu): Whether old time traditional family restaurants, or the latest from celebrity chefs, hospitality in Ohio is one of its fastest growing industries. Keeping up with the newest hot places and menu trends is an ongoing challenge for any traveler.


Ohio Wine Review (Cardinal State Corks): Ohio’s wine industry is one of the three fastest growing in the Great Lakes Region. This blog works in conjunction with Great Lakes Wines Magazine to offer focused reviews of Ohio winemaking operations, tasting rooms, restaurants and wines.


Ohio Journeys (Chris-crossing Ohio): Doing research on courthouses, wines, Ohio race tracks, and other subjects puts us on the road hundreds of days each year. This blog deals with the many details and happenings that don’t always fit into one of the other categories.

Golfing Ohio (The Gold Tee Golfer): Older, higher handicap golfers need to move up and play the forward tees says no less and expert than our own great Buckeye champion, Jack Nicklaus. Going from county to county, we get the opportunity to play and review many courses from the gold tees.

The Ohio Courthouses (Ohio Courthouse Project): The historical significance of Ohio’s 88 county courthouses is being preserved through several media in this sponsored project. Join us as we visit each of them, and show you their architectural and historical significance in words and photographs.


Jim MacQueen is the founder, editor and publisher of all ePress Publishing Company’s publications, including its blogs and Great Lakes Wines Magazine, an online web site dedicated to covering the wine industry in all states touching one of the Great Lakes. This magazine is currently on hiatus while seeking qualified sales and editorial staff. In the meantime, Jim is working on a sponsored project which will result in his photographing and researching brief histories of all 88 county courthouses in Ohio. This project is also going to be partially funded through Kickstarter. At the same time, Jim is writing a novel based around his auto racing experience, featuring the globetrotting gourmet, reporter, and government spy, Herb Cook.

Jim has had a long career as a reporter, photographer, editor, and publisher at a number of magazines such as AutoWeek, Motor Trend, Road & Track and other automotive publications. He has worked as both a staffer and a freelancer. For nearly a decade, he was part-owner and Publisher of RACECAR Magazine, America’s International Auto Racing Publication. He started with that company in 1976 as art director, was named Editor in 1977, and bought into the business in 1978. In the 1980s, he negotiated the sale of that property to Crain Communications, where it was folded into AutoWeek. He also has extensive business-to-business publishing experience from nearly a decade at Babcox Publications. He was both editor and publisher of Importcar Magazine, and later, Specialty & Custom Dealer Magazine, for Babcox.

Jim is a 1974 graduate of the Ohio State University School of Journalism with a BS Degree, jointly majoring in journalism and photography. During his time at Ohio State, Jim worked for the Columbus Dispatch, covering motor racing and Buckeye basketball during the Fred Taylor era. Jim was one of the reporters covering the sensational Ohio State vs Minnesota “basketbrawl” on January 25, 1972. He was also among a half-dozen or so sports writers who correctly predicted that football coach Woody Hayes would eventually self-destruct, embarrass the university, and be fired. After the 1973 Rose Bowl, Hayes shoved a camera into the face of a Los Angeles Times photographer, and the stories Jim wrote about this incident led to his leaving the Dispatch after the 1974 basketball season. But in 1978, Hayes infamously punched Clemson player Charlie Bauman after a late game interception, and the coach was fired for this fifth documented incident of anger misconduct.

Jim’s editing and publishing responsibilities allowed him to travel all over the world. Indeed, he actually lived in Germany in 1968 and 1969, covering European auto racing before returning to the US to formalize his journalism education. Prior to 1968, Jim studied art history and architecture at the University of Cincinnati. These two areas of his background and education are currently being put to use in both his novel, “The Wasters” (due to be published sometime in 2014 or 2015), and in the Ohio courthouse history project.

He has worked as a corporate communications manager for a franchising company, was public relations director for Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and the Canton Invaders Professional Indoor Soccer Team, held administrative duties with National Professional Soccer League in Canton, Ohio, and was a web blog manager for an Akron, Ohio, lifestyle magazine.

He also has direct sales experience in both insurance and media sales. Since 1994, he has operated Sports Services International, an event organizer and sports consulting firm.

Jim is also a long-time wine, food, and restaurant observer and critic. His extensive travel background, plus some formal training in food preparation and wine appreciation, have given him a solid background and expertise in these areas. A wine collector since 1968, Jim has experienced every type of wine and traveled widely in wine production regions. In addition, he is a self-taught gourmet cook, an avid golfer, and grow orchids as a hobby. He is in the process of restoring a 2001 Audi TT Quattro roadster. Jim has been a soccer referee certified by the United State Soccer Federation for more than 35 years, and a high school soccer referee certified by the Ohio High School Athletic Association for nearly 20 years. He currently serves on the State Referee Committee for Ohio North.

He has written a number of food, wine and restaurant online blogs, including a recent restaurant review blog for Akron Life & Leisure Magazine. His experience and training have uniquely positioned him for his role as editor and publisher of Great Lakes Wines Magazine, the first online publication developed by ePress Publishing Company, Inc. He has also established, or is in the process of developing, a number of online blogs. Links to Jim’s current projects can be found in the short form biography pinned to the top of this personal blog, or on his personal web page at JimMacQueen.com. Also, please visit the ePress Publishing Company web site for additional information on the company’s current projects, and new projects under development.